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Welcome to the world of smöoy, where we bring you the first functional frozen yogurt on the market. Our yogurt is not only low in fat but also rich in fiber and gluten-free. Explore our franchise opportunities and be a part of the smöoy family.

    Invest in smöoy Franchise - the leading frozen yogurt brand

    Our story

    smöoy Singapore is a proud member of the smöoy franchise, originating from Spain. Founded in 2010, smöoy draws from the unparalleled experience of its creators, who represent the fourth generation of a family deeply rooted in the tradition of crafting exceptional ice cream for over a century.

    Dedicated to Perfection: At smöoy, our commitment to excellence goes beyond our rich heritage. We house dedicated Research & Development and Food Quality departments that continuously collaborate to introduce innovative products, all while prioritizing enhancements that cater to the discerning tastes of our valued consumers.

    Discover the Legacy: Join us in savoring the legacy of four generations of ice cream artisans, as we continue to raise the bar for ice cream perfection in Singapore and beyond. Explore our creations and experience the timeless tradition of smöoy’s fine frozen delights.

    What Sets Us Apart

    10+ Years of Experience: Smöoy has over a decade of experience in crafting exceptional frozen yogurt.

    Modern facilities: The company has a central facility of 7,500 square meters which integrates all areas of the company. The R&D department stands out, working to offer the best quality within the modern technological innovations.

    Healthy Indulgence: We take pride in offering the only ice cream in the market that’s rich in fiber, low in fat, and completely gluten-free. It’s a guilt-free pleasure for everyone.


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